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Keep your animals dry and comfortable with Natural Fiber-Dri™ — a product that is consistent in size and virtually dust free from our triple-screening process.

Natural Fiber-DRI Animal Bedding

Made from clean, safe, recycled wood, our bedding is available in both bag and bulk and is delivered year-round. Our convenient 2 cu. ft. bags are easy to handle and our bulk loads can be unloaded directly into a storage building by using our walking floor trailers or a van trailer can be dropped for monthly storage.

Fines left in or fines screen out; you decide which application is best for your needs. By screening out the fines we are able to produce a product that is dust-free which ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your animals without the dust.

Animal Bedding from recycled wood waste

By being denser and dust-free our bedding has been found to be:

Perfect for use in trailers; reducing the loss of bedding while in motion

Proven successful and is being used in personal & show arenas

More absorbent by having more bedding per cubic inch

Easy to pick by reducing the sludge that is created by using softer bedding

Has been proven to dry out between changes when used outside

Join our happy customers who have already made the switch. See for yourself what they claim lasts multiple times longer compared to other shavings on the market.

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Natural Fiber-DRI Animal Bedding is perfect for dairy farms