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Sunrise Mulch


Looking for an easy way to enhance the beauty and health of your landscape? Recycled mulch is the answer. Find our mulch solutions at a convenient location near you.


Instantly add beauty to any landscape project. Choose from red, gold, brown, and black mulch to add the finishing touch to your home or office.

Made from 100% clean, reclaimed wood products, our mulch is colored with environmentally safe products. Unlike other colored mulches, our recycled mulch will retain its vibrant color for multiple seasons.

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Mulch landscape with colored mulch from JMB Logistics


Our Natural Forest Mulch provides a natural look accompanied by a natural aroma. This all natural mulch is ideal for landscape projects hoping to attain a more natural, rustic look. This blend consists of wood species native to our northern region.


Provides a "finished look" to landscapes projects

Promotes microorganisms for better soil allowing plants and shrubs to thrive

Helps maintain a consistent soil temperature (cooler in summer, warmer in winter) promoting healthier and stronger root growth

Reduces or eliminates weed growth when properly used

Lowers water consumption by reducing evaporation and saving on costly water bills

Prevents soil erosion where water runoff is prone to moving soil into unwanted locations


When applying mulch to any landscape project or garden, we recommend a depth of three to four (3-4) inches. This depth helps to eliminate soil erosion, ensure weed suppression and maintain a more constant soil temperature. Our colored mulches are made with 100% environmentally safe colorant, allowing the mulch to be used in any desired location with any plants, flowers, or shrubs. Re-mulching should only be needed after two years by lightly raking the area, and then applying one to two (1-2) inches of new mulch.

JMB Logistics Colored Mulch