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Keep your business running and in full supply of quality pallets with our year-round wood pallet service. For over 30 years we have been recycling pallets for companies and facilities of all sizes. After retrieving unwanted or damaged pallets from your facility, each pallet is individually inspected, processed, and repaired. Returning the pallets to like-new condition, these pallets are then ready to be reused.

Our pallet supply service is simple: newly repaired pallets are dropped off at your facility; any broken pallets and wood waste is collected; a credit may be given for re-usable cores. Keep your facility free of wood waste while staying in constant supply of pallets with our prompt, reliable services.


celebrating 30 years in business


Does your business have a problem with overflowing wood waste? Many do. Let our wood recycling management be the solution.


Remove unwanted wood waste with our wood recycling services. Wood recycling management is what we do best. Let us discuss what services will best fit your needs.

Types of Wood Waste Removal

Recycling Services from JMB LogisticsPrevent downtime and increase productivity with easy to use dock door trailers. Simply collect wood waste as it enters your facility and let us worry about recycling and disposal with scheduled trailer exchanges.

Don't have a dock door? Don't accumulate wood waste on a continual basis? No problem. We schedule live loads around your time frame. After inspecting your recyclable material (ensuring it is clean), you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly pick-ups all year round.

For certain larger wood waste disposal projects, turn to our open top trailers. Loading wood scrap from around the yard is quick and easy using our open top trailers.

Besides wood waste, we also accept cardboard and plastic for recycling in the same load. We simply ask these materials be crated separately. All baled products will be credited based on current market value.

We pride ourselves on offering quality recycled products at affordable pricing. In order to continue to provide these products, we do not accept any waste containing lead-based paint, oil, chemicals, or other hazardous material. Waste containing any of these items will be rejected and disposed of at the owner's expense. We do not except material from demolition projects.


Quickly and easily rid your facility of unwanted wood waste with our on-site grinding services. Our ability to work on-site of any large wood waste project increases our contribution to reduce wood waste ending up in landfills or being burned. When you have large amounts of brush or wood waste to dispose of, we bring our mobile grinder to your location. On-site wood grinding projects include: large brush site collection centers, tree removal sites, or accumulated wood waste at industrial facilities.

Unlike others who commonly leave unwanted chips to rot or wasting the recyclable material, we will collect and remove all the wood chips
for a nominal charge. Once back in our facility, we recycle and process the wood chips into various consumer products. We believe you should only pay for the material removed from your site. And you'll find our costs considerably less than competitors because of our economical recycling approach.

Onsite Wood Waste Pick-Up Services in Wisconsin

By using proper screening equipment, our recycling facility is able to eliminate and process any wood that may contain the emerald ash bore beetle, allowing the wood material to be safely transported and recycled.


Have something to ship around the Midwest? With 20 tractors and over 150 trailers, not only do we ship our own products on-time around Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois, we can also move your freight quickly and efficiently.

As a fully insured common freight carrier, we are able to provide last-minute shipping services throughout the Midwest. Available trailer types include: dry vans, refrigerated van trailers, and self unloading walking floor trailers.

Common Frieght Carrier in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois